Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"What does it take for someone to move from a position of hate and racism to a position of tolerance and respect like the transformation that occurred in Derek?"

Racism had always been a big dill, like in the movie American history x choose. But many times its not any ones falls but the back ground of the different ethnic groups, because with ones has its one culture and had a different situation on the world history. A good example was the jewish people that is should with a lot of reality in the movie the The pianist.  The difference of the two stories in does movies is that one is with  dark skin people and in the other with religious difference.
But one good thing is that racism can change and turn to something that is the opposite like with Derek  in the first movie that I mention. That is because racism is many times made up in one situation were makes you have hate and the hade just go away when you get to know other people with dark skin in Derek's case, when generalizations are made you need to be very carful.
Like mention in a report School'Discipline Gap' Explodes As 1 In 4 Black Students Suspended, Report Finds were it shows that mor black student are suspend in school then white that is because of their back ground in the history not because they are worst then us. But it's a thing of time and awareness to make does people integrate 100% in the society, because even when for you they already are for many people they are not and that is just "stupidity".  Because one of the people that I are great admiration is president Obama.    

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Under Pressure

Extender test are a big discussion on today's society for many different reasons. And the new kind of school that was chose in Sweden. Many students does not work well wounded pressure and can not concentrate in a normal class. The school on Sweden tries to make a space where you do not fell pressure and get bored. It's a great idea, for me it would work because when we have a block or in the minutes before the bell rig I have no idea of what there are talking in class, I just want to get out side of that class.  Even same times when I can't focus more I go to the bathroom just to get one minute out of that class, and then when a came back I can focus again like if the class had just started. So it would be perfect for me but one thing the it needs to have in a school like that is a quiet place to set and read and write. But the visual of the school should change because when you go in a place that you grow up seeing in TV people say that is boring you already dot want to be there.
Extender test shouldn't be frown away, but it should be different students should chose same topics to do and not all because same many times won't even do in our professional life this, way take your time and your concentration in same thing that you won't use.    

Monday, November 26, 2012

What does the re-election of President Barack Obama mean for me and the world?

For me the re-elections of president Obama means a lot because the economic system in the USA needs pass thought same changes, because when there is a problem there it takes the stock markets from the all the world down. So what I look for with president Obama is a good solution to the fiscal cliff. Even when it is obvious that it will cost I little damage to the markets, but with him economists wait that it would cause less harm. Because I like Obama but I start liking him more when I got to know ho was ranting ageist him to the presidency, and I think that I was what happen with many Americans.
There is one other important fact in the election is that now Mr. President does not need to think in his re-election before make decisions. Because in his four last years he was ways being kind of carful to be chore that his actions would not effect his re-elections, and he already know that the situation in the USA would not be perfect like it was before 2007.
But look Obama another point a view, not so much economically, I think that Obama can be good to brazil because with his trip lest year to here already chooses that. And in the mean time he shows kind of a interest in China, he does not want the products of China going in the country like last years and the is same thing that he has in common with the Brazilian government.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goal Setting

This year it was a big deal for me and more then never I really so that I needed to make my time better because that was the reason from what happened last year. It difficult be make your time. Because it's very easy to just shit in front of the TV and stay that, but after when you need to stand up and go work is very difficult. But I think I still have chance to make my time better because today I'm just being all the time working and  I lose my self in the middle of that mess but I learned how to kind of enjoyed the work that I'm doing because I think that is the magic thing in the middle of all the school work. I don't really have goals for this year because I think it's really a second try. But I think that now I'm with my head really in high school by head because high school you make chooses and you have to make decisions that in middle school you just was showed by the teacher but I'm feeling bad about that because I took two years to find this out. One think that is god but make we same times in a place with no solutions in technology like this week that I had I work due and the work I had same in the backpack of edmodo and when I god home it was not working that that is repeating often.

Friday, September 7, 2012

post 2

Last week the college recruiter came to visit us in academic leadership, it was very interesting that we got to now a lot of different things about college in US. But I may opinion the preparation to that visit was something important because it not a time of learning but it's a time of reflection on our student life. Because we are trying to reflect in we're on selfs to discover what the colleges want and era waiting from us. So it's the time we the homework that you didn't do or the history reding that it was not fished come back to mind.

Same thing interesting  that was not so much the college recruiter that took to our disquisition was that point that there are same curses that is better to do in brazil then in the US if you are expecting to leave here.  Because to make medic school in the US and then you want to validate here it's very difficult. Low its other course that is difficult to make in the US and validate here because its a different low system based in different basis.

The comment she made on IB was interesting to, because IB came to be same thing like extra but that have a enormous value because it's not every one that has an IB diploma so who has have another view from the college, that was the impression that was passed to me intel now. Because even last year when the big colleges came they sad that was kind of wonderful who had IB diploma.    

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post 1

Academic leadership was a class that will we already took 2 weeks of. And in this two weeks we read a couple of articles and watch same videos. One of the articles took about academic leadership and it was written by our teacher Mr. Tolley. But still after does two weeks I still don't really no what academic leadership really is. But in my view is a class where you are teach to kind of how to life your student life but learn that by reflecting on the others errors experience and life. Because I see that topic like something that you can't  really be teach by you need to learn reflecting on the information that came to us.

I the case of using the idea and work of other person like mitt Romney did is totally wrong to do because it was the work of the other guy. It's okey to make a reference using the idea with out distort the original. And in my opinion the idea of showing this video was to show the difference of intelligent because same people get good ideas and works distort making so the roll population adders tend and promote that guy that have a simple idea. One good example wold be Lula( brazil last president) that did had any study but win the election in brazil. That is because with out study he talks in a simple way that his opponent that was a doctor and had a education. But the reality of most of brazilian people is the ones that don't have a god education so they see lula like them selves.